MedAll.org National Project Awards

Recognising the best collaborative projects in medicine, rewarding innovation and fostering collaboration.


Monthly and Annual Awards

National Award for Best Collaborative Project




Every month

When are the winners chosen?

On the 1st day of each month (for all projects added in the preceding month)

National Collaborative Project of the Year


£250 Amazon Vouchers



When is the winner chosen?

The winners are chosen in December each year, from projects added up to 15th December each year.

How do I enter?


Post a Project in the collaborate tab.

Click on your project and "add a role" of someone you are looking for help from- e.g. data collection, stats, writing.

All projects with a role added to them are automatically eligible.

Enter today by signing up and posting a collaborative project

How is a winner chosen?


For monthly awards, the project must be added before the last calendar day of the month.

For the annual awards the project must be added before 15th December 2019.


The project must be added to MedAll.org and the project must be collaborative- this means you need to click on the project on your dashboard and add a role to it.

Calibre of project

The project will be judged against a broad criteria of attributes including:

Originality, Innovation, Impact, Methodology


Panel of Judges

The assessment panel is formed by experts from MedAll.org, the medical community, and those with specialist skills relevant to each project.

Who can enter?

Sign up.

Add a project.

Add a collaborative role.

Win a prize.