MedAll.org Podcast – Episode 2 – ProjectCuttingEdge.com Founder, Alex Yao

In this episode we talk to Mr Alex Yao who is an ENT Registrar in the West Midlands. He talks to us about why he chose ENT as a specialty, about how he went about ranking in the top 3% of Core Surgical Training applicants and how he has collaborated with medics from across the UK to launch Project Cutting Edge which helps aspiring surgeons to build happy, successful and sustainable surgical careers.  

Check out more on PCE at ProjectCuttingEdge.com and to sign up to MedAll check out MedAll.org.

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Obstetrics is one of those wonderful specialities in medicine. You get to be part of a team that welcomes new life to the world. The newborn baby’s parents will also have hopes for their precious new delivery. And as doctors we who know this emotion well-...